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At The Fifth Om we value the mind-body-spirit connection and its affect on whole health and wellbeing, and we believe massage to be one of the most versatile healing modalities available. 

The benefits of massage are seemingly endless—treatments are wholly restorative; relieve feelings and the structural effects of stress; improve circulation; strengthen your immune system; alleviate muscle tension, soreness, and pain; provide an overall sense of relaxation and calm…the list goes on.

With so many benefits to emphasize, we’ve designed our massage menu to be holistic and easily customizable. Our massage offerings are created to meet you where you are, to nurture and rejuvenate you, and to support your body’s innate ability to self-heal and regulate.

No matter your goals, our approach will be integrative and personalized. All services will, of course, utilize 100% natural products, and will be provided by one of our highly skilled, experienced and licensed therapists.

Integrative Massage
Our Integrative Massage incorporates organic, whole-herb infused aromatic oils into a transformative, full customized experience designed to address your unique needs. This thoughtful blend of massage therapy and complementary healing modalities may include a combination of Swedish sequences, myofacial and deep pressure massage techniques, with stretching, energy medicine and aromatherapy. Whether your goals are specific or you simply desire a break from your daily routine, your experience will be deeply restorative to mind, body and spirit.
60 minutes / $90
90 minutes / $130

120 minutes / $160

Want to enhance your experience? Considering adding an infrared sauna therapy session to your massage.
30 mins / $24
45 mins / $36

Not seeing the specific massage you used to book? Not to worry, we still offer all the same treatments, we simply adjusted our menu to reflect what we’ve learned: our therapists & clients determine together what is needed/wanted on any given day... and the result? An integrative experience utilizing any number of complementary healing modalities to accomplish the client’s goal.
— xo Michele

Mother-to-Be Massage
At a time when nurturing your body is perhaps more important than ever, we use organic herbs and oils consciously chosen to relax and calm your mind and body.  Attending to your unique, changing needs as a mama-to-be, this massage will relieve muscle and joint discomfort, alleviate stress, decrease arm and leg swelling, and boost your mood. Ample propping with pillows ensures your body is fully supported during your session.
(Please note that prenatal massage is offered to women in second and third trimesters only.)
60 minutes / $85


Services offered daily by appointment. 
Evening & weekend appointments available.