Why You Need Our Winter Warm Up

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According to the groundhog, we’ve got four more weeks of Winter ahead of us. That means it’s a good time to come out of your burrow and get a massage treatment! Massage has long been regarded as a way to relax the mind and body but did you know it has a wide range of health benefits that are particularly helpful this time of year?

In the Winter, cold weather and inactivity can lead to sluggish immune systems. Between work, school and shopping, there are unlimited places to be exposed to colds, flu and other seasonal illnesses, but massage can help give you the boost you need! Studies have shown that as little as 45 minutes of massage increases the volume and activity of your lymphocytes, which are the blood cells that protect us from disease. Massage has also been proven to reduce inflammation throughout the body, decreasing pain and all manner of chronic ailments.

Other concerns this time of year are Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder. Even if you don’t suffer from either of these, the shorter days, lack of sunlight and chilly temps can have a negative affect on our moods, stress levels and productivity. The good news is that massage therapy can help! Not only does massage decrease levels of cortisol and other stress hormones, it also increases serotonin and dopamine which are your “feel good” hormones. By increasing your happy hormones and decreasing stress hormones,  massage can help regulate your sleep patterns, create a calm and positive attitude, and even promote weight loss!


If this all sounds like a dream come true, come try for yourself! From Now until March 20th, the first day of Spring, treat yourself to a regimen of self care with our Winter Warm-Up Massage.

This treatment goes above & beyond, using a special blend of cinnamon & clove oils to further enhance the benefits. Both oils have been proven to stimulate the immune system and fight off infections of every kind. They are also delightfully warming and skin rejuvenating, while improving your circulation. In addition, they have been shown to help alleviate depression, stress, pain & even headaches! Give yourself a gift of love and warm up to Winter with this special pricing:


60 min / $70

90 min / $100

120 min / $130

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Shannon Cooke, LMT

Having a lifelong passion for both art and science, Shannon found her calling in the world of massage and bodywork. After graduating from the Finger Lakes School of Massage in 2008, Shannon quickly became known for her integrative approach and ability to produce lasting results. Well versed in both Eastern and Western healing techniques, she strives to create a unique, holistic experience for mind, body and spirit.

Her work has resonated with people of all ages and conditions, with clients ranging from 1 to 101 years old. Everyone's body is different and Shannon prides herself on the ability to communicate with clients to create a treatment that is just right for them, always keeping them comfortable and catering to their specific needs.

Growing up in the Hudson Valley area of New York, Shannon spent a great deal of time on the Southern Coast of Maine, falling in love with its beauty, people and pace of life. Deciding that there was no place she would rather live and work, Shannon has recently moved her practice to the area. She is looking forward to connecting with new clients, building lasting relationships within the community and using her work to facilitate healing and growth.