Far Infrared Sauna Therapy


How it works

Far infrared (FIR) saunas offer an array of benefits for your health and well-being, from stress relief to detoxification and collagen renewal. How? Far infrared saunas, unlike traditional or steam saunas, utilize panels that emit (safe) invisible infrared radiant energy, which deeply penetrates the body to warm your core temperature, triggering a variety of internal processes.


  • Weight Loss

  • Detoxification

  • Pain Relief

  • Eliminate Stress & Tension

  • Full Cardiovascular Workout - lower blood pressure

  • Skin Health - renew collagen & elastin!

  • Strengthen Immune System

  • Melt Fat & Cellulite

  • Healing - heal damaged tissue, tendons, muscles, ligaments…

Far Infrared Sauna Therapy at The Fifth Om

Standalone Session:
30 min / 30 dollars
45 min / 45 dollars
60 min / 60 dollars

Enhance Your Experience (add to any other service):
30 min / 24 dollars
45 min / 36 dollars
60 min / 48 dollars


Our FIR sauna is also equipped with chromotherapy, which essentially, is the use of colors to encourage health and harmony. How does it work? Colors have unique vibrations that adjust body vibrations to frequencies that aid in healing and contribute to overall wellbeing. The chromotherapy lights in our FIR sauna offers a variety of options, each of which heal the body in a different way.

Chromotherapy is using colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that can lead to health and harmony. Each color has frequencies of a specific vibration, and each vibration is related to different physical symptoms.

The Colors

Red: brings warmth, energy and stimulation. Red is good for energy, fatigue, colds, and for chilly and passive people. Red energizes heart and blood circulation, it builds up the blood and heightens a low blood pressure. Red energizes all organs and the senses hearing, smell, taste, vision, and touch. It increases sexual desire and activity, and stimulates ovulation and menstruation.

Green: Green possesses a soothing influence upon both mind and body. It is neither relaxing nor bitter in its impact. Green can be used for just about any condition in need of healing.

Blue: Blue is cooling and electric. Cools down inflammation, fever, high blood pressure; stops bleedings; and relieves headaches. Also calms strong emotions such as anger, aggression or hysteria. Brings tranquility. Anti-itching. Anti-irritation (for instance, redness of the skin). Anti-stress. Soothes suffering.

Yellow: Yellow helps strengthen the nerves and the mind. It helps awaken mental inspiration and stimulates higher mentality. It is an excellent color for nervous or nerve-related conditions or ailments. It also energizes the muscles. Dark yellow soothes pains in the nerves (shooting pains).

Purple/Violet: Purple helps to heal melancholy, hysteria, delusions and alcohol addiction, and brings spiritual insights and renewal. Purple-hued colors slow down an over-active heart, and stimulates the spleen and the white blood cells (immunity). Purple helps bring sleep, soothe mental and emotional stress, and decrease sensitivity to pain. Purple-hued colors help in detoxification.

Indigo: Indigo is a great purifier of the bloodstream and also benefits mental problems. It is a freeing and purifying agent. It can be of great assistance in dealing with ailments of the eyes and ears.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some contraindications of a far infrared sauna?

  • Some of the contraindications of the sauna are cardiovascular issues, medications, elderly and children, hemophiliacs, pregnancy, implants, and pacemakers. Although it isn’t a strict contraindication, FIR sauna use is not recommended for nursing mothers due to the release of toxins and the potential for those toxins to pass into breast milk.

2. What should I bring/wear?

  • Just bring yourself and we’ve got the rest! We have towels, water for you to bring with you in the sauna, and products to use once you’ve finished. Most people choose to undress fully and just wrap up in a towel, but that is up to you. The sauna is located in a small, private room, so clothing choice is entirely personal preference.

3. Usage recommendations?

  • There is no right or wrong amount of how often to use the sauna. It is most definitely safe to use every day. You most likely see results sooner if used everyday. The average person uses the sauna for 30-45 minutes 3-4 times a week.

4. What to expect:

  • When you arrive, we will show you to the sauna and make sure you are comfortable and know how to use it. We will walk you through how to use the control panel should you wish to adjust the temperature or chromotherapy light color. We will give you a towel to wear and water to enjoy during your session, and afterwards, we have product for you to use if you wish.