Using our Laser & Pulsed Light Platform, we are now offering treatments for unwanted hair for all areas of the face and body. Our Platform allows us to complete treatments quickly, with minimal discomfort, and perhaps most importantly, with high levels of success. 

How does laser hair removal work?  
The follicular unit is destroyed by the light emitted by the handpiece, which causes thermal injury to the stem cells. In other words, the light from our platform’s handpiece targets the melanin in the hair shaft and damages it, thus impacting its regrowth. Because our handpieces are equipped with a range of spot sizes (the surface area through which the light is emitted), we are able to cover more area with a single pulse; this means fewer pulses and less time required per treatment. The pulsed light only affects the hair while its in the growing phase, which is why multiple sessions are necessary.

Am I a candidate for treatment?
The best treatment results occur with the greater disparity between skin color and hair color. Typically, the lighter the skin and darker the hair, the more effectively the hair follicle can be targeted. Our platform does offer treatment for light brown & blonde hair, however, more treatments may be necessary for results. 
If you are using Accutane, you should wait six month after you stop taking the medication before seeking IPL/laser hair treatments. Although there is no evidence concluding that IPL/laser is dangerous, we prefer to avoid treatment during pregnancy. Also, if you have a seizure disorder, you may not be a candidate for treatment.
We gladly offer complimentary consultations to see if you are a candidate for IPL/laser treatments. 

What can I expect from a treatment?
You can expect results. Some clients experience up to a 40% reduction in hair growth from a single treatment. However, to maintain those results, a full course of treatment is necessary. 
During your session, your therapist will move the handpiece over your skin, pulsing it so the light targets the entire treatment area. With each pulse, you will notice a flashing light, an audible tone and a mild sensation on the skin. 
All laser & IPL treatments will, of course, be performed by a fully licensed, certified, insured and experienced therapist. 

How many treatments will I need? 
On average, 4-6 treatments will be needed to achieve desired results. Some areas may require more, some areas fewer. Following your initial course of treatment, once or twice yearly treatments may be necessary to maintain results.    

What is the cost?
The cost is based on the size of the area being treated, and begins at $75 per session. Package discounts are available.  

What can I expect after a treatment?

  • Immediately following treatment, you may have a mild sunburn-like sensation, possibly accompanied by some minor swelling and/or redness. It is normal for these reactions to be present following your treatment and for 24-72 hours afterwards. If desired, you may cool and soothe the area(s) with a cold towel or ice pack.
  • The treated hair will continue to appear for one to four weeks following your treatment. This is the affected hair being expelled from the skin, not new hair growth.

Pre-Treatment Guidelines

  • Avoid strong sun exposure and self- or sunless tanning products for two weeks prior to treatment. 
  • If you are using strong skincare products (e.g. glycolic, other AHAs) on the treatment area at home, please discontinue a week prior to your IPL/laser treatment. 
  • Discontinue waxing or plucking for six weeks prior to your treatment.

Post-Treatment Guidelines

  • No waxing or plucking! Shaving is permitted…
  • You may shave between treatments because unlike waxing or electrolysis, we do not need the hair to be above the surface of the skin; in fact, the shorter the hair, the better, since the light can travel deeper (ideally to the base of the follicle) if its energy is not absorbed by the length of the follicle.
  • For at least two weeks, be extra diligent about sunscreen, and make sure you are using broad spectrum containing both UVA and UVB protection. This is to avoid potential color changes in the skin.
  • Moisturize - this will help the hair shed. Be sure your moisturizer does not contain any alpha-hydroxy acids. 
  • As long as your skin is not broken or blistering, you may shower, use soap, makeup, etc, immediately following your treatment. 
  • Pat your skin dry, do not rub your skin as it is likely to be sensitive. 
  • If we have treated your underarms, it is best to avoid most deodorants for a day or so. (Then, if you want our recommendations for aluminum-free deodorants that won’t irritate, but totally work, just ask us!)