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Rule no. 1: Not all products are created equally.
Rule no. 2: Not all "natural" products are actually "clean", "green", or 100% natural!
Rule no. 3: The perfect product should be 100% clean, purposeful, effective, and positively affect all of your senses.

We've spent countless hours researching, testing, and evaluating products across all categories.
The result: a perfectly curated selection of the most natural, highest-performing, and beautiful skincare, bath, body, and makeup products available.




Farmaesthetics® is a full line of 100% natural, premium “green” skincare products for face & body, professional use and for use at home. 

A whole system approach to Sustainable Beauty®, predicated upon the rural traditions of American herbalism, products are 100% synthetic-free, yet boast a certified shelf life of two years without refrigeration--which is no easy feat. Because kitchen chemist Brenda Brock, Farmaesthetics' Founder & Formulator, knows exactly how to pair ingredients together, from selecting which to use to determining appropriate proportions of each, products are inherently self-preserving...again, without any synthetic preservative systems. (Impressive!)

Products are made with organically grown whole herbs, flowers, grains & oils from American family farms. Farmaesthetics® believes that what is not in a product is just as important as what is.  

Our take: products are effective, ingredients are purposeful, and we'll never have to question the appropriateness of an ingredient or whether it was sourced ethically--because we know they are! We've seen Brenda in action selecting her raw materials and working with suppliers, and her standards are uncompromising. Additionally, while the majority of the products aren't formulated from an aromatherapeutic standpoint, they provide that requisite full body/mind/spirit experience we believe to be so important when choosing a product or regimen. 


Good Medicine Beauty Lab - now here!

Intuitive Skincare. Fresh, small batch, and wildcrafted. Transformative skincare and healing balms for body, mind and spirit. More details coming soon.

Plume Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum

Using only 100% natural, nontoxic & non-irritating ingredients, Plume is clinically proven to lengthen, thicken, and promote fullness of your lashes & brows. Seriously. 95% of test subjects reported an increase in length and/or density after an average of just 17 days! 

Formulated by a master cosmetic chemist, Plume's proprietary formula has a three part effect on the appearance of your lashes & brows: 

  1. Longer - Keeps hair follicles in a prolonged growth phase, allowing lashes & brows to achieve greater length.

  2. Thicker - Locks in keratin, moisture, & key nutrients to increase hair volume, thickening lashes & brows at the root. 

  3. Fuller - Protects delicate hairs from environmental harm & breakage to keep more lash & brow hairs in place. 

Formulated without: 

  • Parabens

  • Sulfates

  • Phthalates

  • Hormones & Prostaglandins

  • Artificial fragrances

  • Artificial dyes

  • Gluten

  • Toxic ingredients of any kind

And what's more, there are zero side effects, the price is significantly lower than it's cosmeceutical (aka chemical-ridden) counterpart AND results occur in less time. Amazing.


Flourish Beauty Lab

Made in Vermont, Flourish offers beautiful skincare and hair products for those with a discerning palette and appreciation for traditional, pure preparations, but willing to explore unique scent pairings. Flourish's products are made with herbal infusions, organic oils and butters, and ingredients sourced from Vermont farms and beekeepers. 

They describes their formulation process as following three guiding principles:

  1. Aromatherapy - Each scent has a feeling behind it. It creates a certain mood and color which is reflected in the label. While you may find a favorite scent that you stick with, many people switch scents with the season or even the time of day.

  2. Organic Ingredients - Every oil or butter used has been grown organically.

  3. Wildflower Infusions - To add an extra layer of plant energy to the products. Plants are harvested from their garden, found in their fields, or bought from neighboring farms to infuse into various oils. (TFO: This process allows all of the plant's many constituents to be captured by the oils; then, once the spent herbs are strained off, the resultant infusions can be used in lotions, cremes, or oils. Infusions have been a critical component of herbal skincare forever, and are incredibly therapeutic. Fun fact: all of our chosen skincare brands utilize whole herb infusions!)

Flourish at TFO: We recently brought in these beautiful products (as their only Maine stockist!), and we're super excited. We're currently carrying a selection of their hand/body lotions (e.g. best-selling HoneyBlossom + Marshmallow Root), body cremes (Michele's favorite: PatchouliTangerine & Sea Salt, as well as a couple others, including LavenderMint + Clover, for those who may not share our love of patchouli), and some wicked softening, aromatherapeutic Sugar Body Polishes (think CocoaSpice). We have testers.✌


Suntegrity Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen & Primer
Foundation Stick.jpeg

Suntegrity Skincare

Created by a daughter who lost her mother to skin cancer, Suntegrity Skincare is a line of natural, multi-tasking sun care and beauty products designed to nourish and treat the skin while offering UVA & UVB protection.

Suntegrity products are effective, non-toxic, easily spreadable and non-comedogenic (non-pore-clogging). What's more? Their product standards:

  • Cruelty Free

  • UV Chemical Free Sunscreens

  • Paraben, Phthalate & Mineral Oil Free

  • Dermatologist Recommended

  • Clinically Tested

  • Non-Irritating

  • Allergy Tested

  • Organic Ingredients

  • Made in the USA

Suntegrity's face and body formulas all contain moisturizing ingredients, youth promoting antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and offer Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection, SPF 30.

Vapour Organic Beauty

Did you know that up to 80% of what we put onto our skin is absorbed into our bodies? Crazy, right? Hence the importance of using natural makeup.

Based in New Mexico, Vapour is an award-winning color cosmetics brand whose products are made from natural food grade ingredients. Products are 100% natural, and contain 70% organic ingredients + 30% minerals. We love this brand because their products (a) perform, (b) are completely clean, and (c) feel amazing on the skin. Plus, their values are right in line with ours: purity & performance. Creating healthy products in environmentally accountable ways.

Want to know more about Vapour and why we've chosen them to be our featured makeup line? See our Makeup page.