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At The Fifth Om we believe that natural skincare combines beautifully with carefully selected modern technology. And we are now offering treatments that do just that.  Not only will we continue to offer our time-tested herbal skincare treatments, as well as those that utilize micro-current, high frequency and Galvanic current, but we have expanded our menu to include even more advanced services using laser & Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Now offering non-invasive, safe treatments for unwanted hair, clearance of individual pigmented &
vascular lesions (e.g. age spots, or the “reds & browns” in the skin), and photofacials.

What is IPL?
IPL is the abbreviation for Intense Pulsed Light, and is often used interchangeably with the terms “photofacial” and/or “photorejuvenation”. More accurately, IPL refers to the technology, which can also be used for hair removal, but since IPL is most widely known for its role in photofacials, the terms have seemingly become synonymous. So, that is how we’ll use the term: IPL = photofacial.

For our laser hair removal & photofacial/photo-rejuvenation services, we’ve chosen a highly effective Laser & Pulsed Light Platform. The versatility of the Platform allows us to offer a number of treatments with ease, utilizing different hand pieces that emit light in the optimal bands of the spectrum to target specific chromophores (e.g. oxyhemoglobin of vascular lesions, and melanin in hair shafts and sun/age spots). 

Our machine is equipped with: 

  • Smooth Pulse Technology, meaning each pulse delivered is smooth & gentle, ensuring a consistent epidermal temperature.

  • A contact cooling system, so treatments are more comfortable than many, and safer—the cooling helps the skin rest between pulses, which is important in reducing potential for skin damage.

  • Photon-recycling, which recaptures scattered energy and sends it back to the target to maximize treatment effectiveness.

Why have we chosen to integrate laser & IPL treatments into our menu?
In short, because our approach to skincare is holistic, which means more than just using natural products. We aim to treat all conditions as gently, yet effectively, as possible, and we see IPL as being one of the most innovative & safe procedures available. We believe combining technology with premium products and other techniques, such as massage, is the most comprehensive and, therefore, effective approach to skincare. (And of course, like all of our services, our laser & IPL treatments are performed by a fully licensed, certified, insured and experienced therapist.)

We are fully committed to purity in product ingredients, and when those totally clean products integrate with laser & IPL technology, something really powerful happens: results that are immediate and long-lasting. We believe that natural products have a staying power, which impacts the “life” of treatment results, that far exceeds cosmeceuticals and pseudo natural/organic products (i.e., those that contain chemicals, nature-identicals, etc.). Truly clean, herbal products are able to capture nature’s wisdom in a way that just cannot be fully replicated in a lab—and it’s in that wisdom that lies the healing, health-promoting properties necessary for achieving true radiance.    

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